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Dodge Hornet


I led a team of designers in shaping the distinctive look and essence of the all-new Dodge Hornet, both for its web presence and beyond. Beyond the visual layout of each page, I orchestrated captivating animated effects, developed striking iconography, and tackled the unique challenge of visualizing the vehicle before we had photographs of the finalized product. To overcome this, I meticulously compiled a comprehensive guide, directing photographers and CGI artists to capture the precise imagery needed for the website, social media platforms, and other media. This forward-thinking approach ensured that we had the perfect visuals to showcase the Hornet’s magnificence.

In addition to the revolutionary Hornet nameplate, these efforts extended to the complete Model Year ’23 vehicle lineup, including the Charger, Challenger, and Durango. This comprehensive undertaking not only required a keen eye for design but also an innate understanding of each vehicle’s identity and the brand’s essence. The results of our collaborative endeavors not only brought these vehicles to life in the digital realm but also resonated with enthusiasts and fans, highlighting the innovation and style that define the Dodge brand.

The landing pages for each of these vehicles are linked below, and each page can be found by clicking along the nameplate’s subnav.

• Durango