Jordan Bullsclone Guitar PedalJordan Bullsclone Guitar PedalJordan Bullsclone Guitar PedalJordan Bullsclone Guitar Pedal

Jordan Bullsclone Guitar Pedal

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And now, introducing, the starting lineup for YOUR CHICAGO BULLS(clone)!!!

As a guitar player, one of my greatest passions is collecting and experimenting with guitar pedals. Among my collection, I acquired a pedal that someone had custom-made as a “clone” of the iconic Jordan Bosstone Fuzz effect circuit. While it had a great sound, its appearance left much to be desired, and it remained untouched in my collection for quite some time.

However, a stroke of inspiration struck me one day, and I decided to pay homage to the legendary Michael Jordan and show my unwavering love for Chicago sports. With some mesh shorts in hand, I got creative, reimagined the pedal’s design, and added my own graphics. When I plugged it in, the transformation was astounding—the new coat of paint seemed to breathe new life into the pedal, and now it sings with a prowess that matches the greatness of the 90’s Chicago Bulls. This one-of-a-kind creation is a testament to my passion for both music and sports, and I’m happy to have it join my starting lineup of guitar gear.